Praise be to Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful that finally we can proudly present our website. We would like also to welcome you to UPI Language Center. This website will bring you to get to know our Language Center. We are a body of people determined to provide the best services in the field of language testing and language training. Under the provision of the Rector of UPI, we strive to contribute to the realization of the vision of UPI as the leading and outstanding university by providing the best language testing and training practices. We are customer-satisfaction oriented; we always try to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.
This website gives you an overview of the activities of the programs we offer. You will get to know our vision and missions which are in conjunction with and in support to the vision and missions of UPI. In this website you will also get to know our services in the field of language training and language testing, the programs we offer and the people who always work hard to satisfy the customers. Through this website we will also show you who our customers are; they come from various backgrounds with various intentions. We will also proudly show you the achievement of ISO 9000:2008 certificate which proves our commitment to always ensure the quality services for customers satisfaction.
We hope this website will give you sufficient knowledge and information of UPI Language Center.
Head of UPI Language Center
Dr. Wachyu Sundayana, MA

CONAPLIN 9 (Conference on Applied Linguistics) – Update


Balai Bahasa Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia bekerjasama dengan Asosiasi Linguistik Terapan Indonesia (ALTI) dan Departemen Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris, Fakultas Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia menyelenggarakan CONAPLIN 9 (International Conference on Applied Linguistics) dengan tema Language varieties within a multilingual setting: curricular and instructional appraisal.

Keynote speakers:

  1. Professor Leslie Barratt (Indiana State University)
  2. Professor Ali Saukah (Malang State University)
  3. Professor Fuad Abdul Hamied (Indonesia University of Education)


Banana Inn Hotel
Jalan Dr. Setiabudhi 191 Bandung

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Perubahan Layanan Selama Libur Idul Fitri 1437 H/2016

Libur Lebaran WEB

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Balai Bahasa UPI menyelenggarakan tes Institutional Testing Program (ITP TOEFL) pada Kamis, 21 Juli 2016. Pendaftaran & pembayaran paling lambat 29 Juni 2016, pendaftaran akan ditutup sebelum tanggal tersebut jika sudah penuh. Untuk informasi dan pendaftaran tes, silakan hubungi (022) 2000-022.

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Periode Baru Kursus Bahasa Arab

Balai Bahasa UPI membuka periode baru kursus Bahasa Arab, pendaftaran kelas baru dibuka sampai 15 Juli 2016. Kursus dimulai pada 18 Juli 2016. Untuk informasi pembukaan kursus Bahasa Arab, silakan hubungi (022) 2000-022 pada hari dan jam kerja.

Bahasa Arab Final 1

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Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa 1437 H


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Perubahan Jam Kerja Selama Bulan Ramadhan 2016

Berdasarkan surat edaran tentang penetapan jam kerja di lingkungan UPI, berikut perubahan jam kerja di Balai Bahasa UPI selama bulan Ramadhan 1437H.


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Jadwal Tes dan Brosur Layanan Balai Bahasa UPI

Jadwal tes dan brosur layanan Balai Bahasa UPI dapat diunduh di sini

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