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General English

This course is aimed to cater to the needs of those who are above 16 years of age, wanting to learn English for General Purposes such for everyday communication, understanding printed materials written in English or enjoying news or movies in English. This course is also directed to equip the participants with the ability to write simple language functions such as writing a letter, telephone message, and writing an e-mail.

The program is divided into elementary, pre intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels.. This course will cover 48 hours including three progress tests.  Before joining the course, the participants are required to take a placement test in the form of written and oral tests.

TOEFL Preparation Course
This program is divided into two types, paper-based TOEFL preparation and  iBT TOEFL preparation. The paper-based TOEFL preparation course is designed for those who are studying for their master’s and doctoral programs and they are required by their universities to have a TOEFL certificate indicating that their scores range between 450 to 500 for national universities and 550 or more for international universities. TOEFL equivalent certificate issued by the UPI Language Center is valid for all universities in Indonesia. For those who want to study abroad the TOEFL certificate can be used as a preliminary requirement to apply for studying Fulbright (USA), AusAid (Australia), DAAD (Germany), NEC (Dutch), ASEAN, Mombusho (Japan), Hornby Trust Scholarships (England).

The program consists of the 72-hour and 20-hour programs. When a participant reaches just below 430, to reach more than 450, he or she is suggested to take the 72-hour program. However, if he or she already reaches above 430, he or she is suggested to take the 20 hour-program which will last only in one week, whereas the 72-hour program will last for two months. In practice, the course can be changed based upon the needs of the client.

IELTS Preparation Course

The IELTS preparation is designed to help participants who would like to improve their scores on IELTS.  Slightly different from the paper-based, since the IELTS test is more than just listening and reading skills, this course is designed for 120 hour program in order to fully cover the four skills that will be tested on the test such as Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

In response to the increasing use of English in various sectors such as education, economy, politics, and other relevant sectors, the Language Center of UPI provides English course for Special Purposes.  Since its first administration, the Language Center of UPI has provided ESP for RSBI teachers, ESP for Students and Lecturers of Tourism and Hospitality, ESP for Computer Science Pre-Service RSBI Teachers, ESP for MIPA teachers, and other relevant programs.


This program is designed to train teachers of young learners the various methods of teaching young learners.  The seminar is held three times a year and is open for people who are interested in the world of teaching English to Young Learners.  The seminar usually invites keynote speakers who are experts in the field of EYL to address the plenary sessions and also to conduct a workshop on teaching EYL.



This course is designed to provide Indonesian for Non-native Speakers to help them to not only be able to communicate in Indonesian but also to get acquainted with Indonesian culture.  This program is divided into three kinds of training as explained below:

BIPA ICT Training

This is a joint program between the Language Center and the Defense School of Languages (DFSL).  In this program, the Australian military officers learning Indonesian language in Australia will have their chance to advance their knowledge of both Indonesian language and Indonesian culture.  The length of this program varies, ranging from 2 weeks up to one year.  The 2 week program is intended either for a group of beginner students who would like to practice their Indonesian and at the same time get to know the Indonesian culture or for certain individuals who would like to have a one-to-one Indonesian course.  The 6 and 12 month programs are designed for students who would like to have a one-on-one Indonesian course for full comprehension of the Indonesian language and culture.

BIPA KNB, Darmasiswa, & IFL

Similar to BIPA ICT Training, this course is also a joint program between the Language Center and the Indonesian government.  This course is designed to provide an Indonesian course for students who are granted with KNB Scholarship (Scholarship for Developing Countries).  This program is also aimed to prepare the KNB grantees to be able to attend courses conducted in Indonesian.

Darmasiswa are students granted an 8-month scholarship to learn Indonesian language and its culture in Indonesia.  The program lasts for eight months.

IFL stands for Indonesian as A Foreign Language.  This is a joint program between Indonesia University of Education and some Universities in China, where the students studying IFL in China are able to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Indonesian language and culture in Indonesia.  This program lasts for 2 months.

Non-Regular BIPA

This course is designed to enable the participants to communicate in Indonesian in various situations and contexts.  The program is divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels. Elementary Level is divided into Elementary 1, 2, and 3, and so also for intermediate and advanced levels. Each level will be conducted in 75 hours. This program is open for the public.  People from various educational backgrounds who would like to master Indonesian and to know Indonesian culture are welcomed to join this program.




This program is designed to enable the learners to express their feelings and understand their negotiating partner in French. The learners are prepared to be able to develop their communicative skills orally or in writing, in both formal and informal contexts. The program is divided into four levels: debutantelementaireintermediareavance.


Formerly, this program was specifically designed for Indonesian workers preparing to work in Korea. Currently, this program has widened its scope to also include students who would like to pursue their graduate studies in Korea through Korean scholarship programs and also to answer the desire of people in general who wish to be able to communicate in Korean, both oral and written.  During the course, the migrant worker candidates particularly will learn basic conversation skills needed to cope with their working environment, whereas candidates of scholarship grantees will learn Korean for academic purposes.  In general, the participants are prepared to be able to actively participate in their daily social interaction like greeting, shopping, and asking questions. To avoid culture shock, the course participants will also learn basic Korean culture. The program is mainly designed in such a way that the Language Center can cooperate with companies dealing with training and sending workers abroad and also with the Korean Government Scholarship Programs. The program will last for 200 hours.


Brochures can be downloaded here.