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The EYL Workshop and Seminar program is designed to train teachers of young learners the various methods of teaching young learners. The program is held three times a year and is open to anyone who is interested in the world of teaching English to young learners.


BIPA-Teacher Certification Program is a short course teacher development/teacher refresher program for teachers of Indonesian for speakers of other languages (BIPA). The program is held in for 30 hours in 4 days in cooperation with APBIPA (Association of Teachers of Indonesian for Speakers of Other Languages) and the Department of Indonesian Language and Literature of UPI Bandung.

The program was initially held for our own BIPA teachers but has since been expanded to include anybody who is interested in the teaching of Indonesian to speakers of other languages. The program is offered and available for the public for a group of minimum 20 participants.


Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran Bahasa lnggris (MGMP Bahasa lnggris) or English Teacher Working Group has important role in the English teacher development and quality improvement program in Indonesia. Therefore, an active engagement with this group is of strategic importance for any party who works in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT).  

As part of its community service program, UPI Language Center has, in a number of occasions, collaborated with the group to tap and listen to the actual problems the group members have in the teaching of English to junior and senior high school students and share with them what we know about the best practices in English language teaching. The responses we receive from the teachers about the sharing program has been very positive. Most of the teachers involved in the program claimed that the program had helped them improve their teaching and material development skills – a fact that has encouraged us to work more with them.