ECCA (English Communicative Competent Assessment)

English Communicative Competence Assessment (ECCA) is a pencil-and-paper based test used to evaluate a non-native speaker’s English proficiency in working and daily communication contexts. The multiple choice test measures two aspects of language skills, namely:

  • Listening skills: This part measures the test taker’s ability to understand spoken English used in working and daily contexts, such as conversations between/among colleagues and monologues in a working environment or daily activities.
  • Reading skills: This part measures the test taker’s ability to read and understand passages and texts in English, such as announcement, short news, emails, and understand the structure and vocabulary of standard written English in working and daily communication contexts.

ECCA certificate can be used for different purposes, such as:

  1. To monitor the test taker’s learning progress (progress test)
  2. To provide information about Vocational High School’s students proficiency (exiting test)
  3. To prepare for entering into the work market (selection test)
  4. To complete requirements for further studies through scholarship (admission test).

UPI Language Center offers ECCA testing service to all members of UPI academic staff and the general public. ECCA has currently been used by participants of TOEIC Preparation Course and lecturers preparing to apply for a scholarship. ECCA testing can be conducted at UPI Language Center or, upon request, on site at the premises of a collaborating school or institution (paper-and-pencil mode).

ECCA brochure can be downloaded here.