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Kelas Gamelan BIPA Balai Bahasa UPI

Antusiasme pemelajar BIPA Balai Bahasa UPI dalam mengikuti Kelas Gamelan.

Road to 70th TEFLIN and 17th CONAPLIN Episode I

✅ FREE Webinar to Boost Your Academic Literacy✨ 🌐 Learn how to compose an effective abstract to deliver a captivating presentation 📚 😇 Specially organized for teachers, lecturers, university...

The 2024 TEFLIN Teacher Award

Greetings from TEFLIN Secretariat, In our commitment to enhancing the professional development of English teachers in Indonesia, TEFLIN (The Association for The Teaching of English as a Foreign...

Road to 70th TEFLIN and 17th CONAPLIN International Conference

FREE WEBINAR TO BOOST YOUR ACADEMIC LITERACY! Learn how to compose an effective abstract to delivering a captivating presentation in this one-stop webinar. Specially organized for teachers,...

Pembukaan Kursus Bahasa Korea Periode Februari 2024

Pembukaan kelas baru Bahasa Korea Dasar 1-2 secara online dan offline periode Februari – April 2024, pertemuan pertama akan dimulai pada Selasa, 20 Februari 2024 untuk kelas on-line dan off-line....

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